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Ellie is a sweet little Nordic girl with fiery orange hair. She keeps warm through the snowy Nordic winters by wearing many layers and bundling up with boots and a scarf, and she never leaves home without her favorite flower bag 🌺 Ellie stands approximately 30cm tall. She's made from combinations of acrylic and wool yarn, stuffed with fiberfill and plastic eyes is firmly glued. Open pre- order for September. Since every detail of her is 100% handmade by me, I can only accept order for 2 dolls for the month of September. Please contact me if you would like to choose color of your own, or to get a different designs. Meetup ✔️ Registered mail ✔️at extra $6 Thank you 😊 Tags Amigurumi crochet doll artisan doll handmade doll doll for Birthday present customized doll

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