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Powered by HYFLUX, Oxygen in Skincare Vital to all living things, oxygen is crucial for all bodily functions, and all cellular processes within our skin need oxygen. A healthy oxygen level within the skin enhances it's self-regeneratuve capabilities for optimal maintenance of the skin epithelium and healthy production of dermal collagen for truly youthful, vibrant skin. Unlike skincare brand like SK-II, laneige, Clinique, Shiseido, la prairie etc, ELO gel is the only skincare formulated with ELO water, this unscented oxygen rich gel enhances the oxygenation of the skin and it's repairing abilities, improving skin tone and texture for beautifully smooth, radiant and supple skin. Oxygen facial is expensive and cost hundreds of dollars and only infuse with oxygen to your face for that day. ELO oxygen-rich skincare infuse with oxygen to your face everyday thus resulting and proven effective for beautifully smooth, radiant and supple skin. See visible results in only 1-2 weeks. A study done by Dermapro Skin Research Centre, Seoul Korea in 2016 under human trial. Female subjects applied ELO Gel twice daily on ONE SIDE OF THEIR FACES in addition to their normal skincare products for total of 8 weeks. Effects on SKIN WRINKLES, ELASTICITY, COLOUR, HYDRATION and RADIANCE were greatly improved. Benefits if ELO Gel+ Clinically proven by the Dermapro Skin Research Centre in Seoul, Korea to give you vibrant looking, firmer skin with a healthy glow. -Oxygenates skin(epidermis & dermis) to promote healthy skin -Improves skin elasticity, boosts hydration, smoothed wrinkles, evens skin tone and brightens skin colour. -Promotes healing of minor cuts and wounds. -Reduces inflammation, itch and helps to heal minor burns and insect bites -Provides a refreshing texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin without lingering stickiness -Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin -Improvement for Acne Oxygen helps to inhibit bacteria which causes Acne and other skin problems. Be amazing the difference on your skin after use. How to use Apply a thin layer on the face until fully absorbed. Use day and night twice daily. Use it together with your usual skincare products, do not have to change your skincare regime.

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