EnerVite-Biolax Fruit Laxative 100% import From Australia


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Enervite Biolax Fruit Laxative 100% made in Australia Inadequate dietary fiber intake will lead to constipation and bodily toxins accumulate. BIOLAX is a natural supplement with added advantage of a natural fruit complex and prebiotic in a convenient single serve sachet. BIOLAX is an effective gentle formula containing fruit based antioxidants, natural fibers and prebiotic Oligofructose (FOS) which feeds the good bacteria in the intestine. FOS passes undigested into gastrointestinal tract where it increase bowel mass and promotes grows of bacteria beneficial for the gut. BIOLAX also contains a natural fiber delivery system including both water soluble Polydextrose and insoluble Psyllium husk, both support and enhance bowel movement. Together with the antioxidants from a fruit base foundation. BIOLAX eliminates toxins and relieves symptoms associated with constipation, improving overall general welling. BIOLAX not only help you detox but also help you reduce risk of developing colorectal cancer. We are getting richer and richer, and more and more people are obese, leading to bowel cancer. Obesity does not only effect the beauty of the person's image, but also an unhealthy performance. The incidence of colon cancer among obese people an alarming proportion of obesity levels. Clinically 60-70% colon cancer patients are obese people. Bowel cancer an obvious trend in disease is that less active, often immobile people become high risk groups. 1 box 12 sachets