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Love, So Divine is a romantic comedy film starring by the same pretty actress, Ha Ji-won and a very handsome actor named Kwon Sang-woo !!! It has both Korean and Chinese versions and comes with English subtitle. I am sure you will enjoy the show very much !!! 😊 Just FYI - the film has sold over 1,242,476 tickets nationwide (aka South Korea only). (Source - wikipedia) I am selling these 2 discs just for a weekend movie ticket price. If you have a family of more than one, it is considered very cheap investment, especially your better half loves both the actress and actor !!! Moreover, you can watch it over and over again ! Definitely, worth the money ! This is authentic (I don't buy fake) and it has BFC (Board of Film Censors Singapore) hologram and issued numbers - pls see pic#4. Please clarify if any questions. Thank you for viewing !

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