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Do research and google on Email Processing System (EPS) if you are a little skeptical. Even I was at first so I understand how you feel πŸ˜„ No experience needed as long as you know how to use social media, e-mail and have a paypal account. May accept paynow but paypal is easier as its part of the system. Its a lucrative job IF you are committed to finding customers and putting out all the ads. Easy money too. Best for you if you are good in communication skills and social media as well. Willing to help if you are stuck while you are at the job. Though be patient as I am a Graduating Comms Student at RP. Working hours is anytime you want honestly. Basically the work flow is: 1. Register for 25USD (ONE TIME PAYMENT) and I will email you the whole EPS program (Im willing to do meet-up, share my personal social media accounts and a picture of my ID -obv I will blank out my personal details- to show that "Hey, Im just a 19 year old student trying to make money just like you. Not a scammer." 2. From there, you set up your own website or pay an additional $10 (not to ME but to the EPS company. More details in the email. I can't really remember) for them to set up a website for u. Personally I used wix so yea. Did not invest more than 25USD 3. From there, you advertise and do the same thing as me. Each time you gain a customer. They pay you 25USD and you forward them the email. Simple! Again, do your research on EPS as I am just breezing through. Lastly, I am willing to nego price as I see a lotttt of people are doing this EPS thing so I am going to up my game by allowing for nego πŸ€— So far I have gained 100USD in the comfort of my own home/school while I was doing my exams in RP. So YAY I get money and I get my studies. Try it ;) You don't lose anything. Accept paynow as well but prefer paypal as that was part of EPS instruction easier to follow the system. See last pic for feedback. Here is my personal social media: IG: gallerythephoto

1 year ago In Internships & Others


Woodlands (NS9 TE2)






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Depends on youπŸ˜„ more emails=more moneyyy

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Have you heard of that little system that pays you $25 Over and Over again? - Work from home basis email processing - 100% legit and money everyday if you work hard - GREAT for students / full time working adults that want to earn extra INSTANT cash - Cash will be credited into your PayPal account once every email is processed - Super easy system - No experience required! - Price is negotiable What you need: 1. A PayPal Account (IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, they are FREE to join.) 2. $25 (One-Time Payment Includes Pre-Written Ads and Step By Step Instructions) 3. A Computer or Smart-device 4. 20 Minutes or more to work Just dm me for extra information or go to 1 email = $25 10 email = $250 100% legit income per day guaranteed, I can promise you it's not a scam! PROOF ARE PROVIDED, JUST DM ME, HIT ME UP PROCESS 10 EMAILS TO EARN $250 A DAY AND $1750 A WEEK!


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2019 Jul

A very nice and sincere buyer. Thank you for purchasing and making arrangements despite not being in SG! Hope you’ll love the shawl!