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Er Ge Feng / Yi Gor Hong


2 years ago by des_amulet




Personal Took from Hia Mao Er ger fong amulets had became more popular over the years as many people who wore this amulet has induce and experience good luck, windfall and wealth. Many archans and monks use the special ability of Er Ger Fong to do the amulets for wealth and gambling luck. Many testimonal and good experiences of the Er Ger Fong amulet is reported by the owner and published in the newspaper and magazines. The above newspaper feature a story where a gangster became a millionaire after wearing Er Ger Fong amulet. The Er Ger Fong amulet is best for victories in gambling and business. Effect is for 1)Unimaginable wealth 2)Wisdom to Succeed in business 3)Successsful in doing business. 4)Achieve WEALTH, POWER and FREEDOM 5)Gain the "upper hand" in gambling by winning all your competiter 6)Gain the "upper hand" in business or your career by instantly gaining rapport with colleagues and clients... negotiating with power and poise... devising highly creative solutions to almost any problem. 7)Lottery and windfall luck 8)Super good luck 9)Win most gambling game. 10)Respect and well-liked by people. 11)Business opportunity will come in everytime and business success will soar to new height then ever before. Er ger fong amulets had became more popular over the years as many people who wore this amulet has induce and experience good luck, windfall and wealth. Many archans and monks use the special ability of Er Ger Fong to do the amulets for wealth and gambling luck. Many testimonal and good experiences of the Er Ger Fong amulet is reported by the owner and published in the newspaper and magazines Biography Er Ge Fong’s (1851 – 1935), AKA Zheng Yifeng (郑义丰) family moved to Thailand from the Chao An province in China. From a young age he joined the “Hong Meng Tian Di” a secret society active in revolutionary activities against the Qing Dynasty. Being a charismatic leader he became the no.2 man of this society and hence the nick name “Er Ger Fong” (2nd elder Fong). He later became the leader of the society. During this period King Chulalongkorn’s (Rama 5) administration was facing economic instability and needed help. Having seen Er Ger Fong’s great charisma and ability to set up several businesses he approached him for assistance. Er Ger Fong advocated for some casinos and gambling dens to be opened and invited his wide network of business associates both locally and around the region. This generated the much needed revenue for the ruling dynasty and allowed the legacy to grow. As the dynasty grew, Er Ger Fong’s reputation and businesses flourished alongside and spanned many trades including transport, development, trading and most importantly gambling houses. In his later years Er Ger Fong had a dream of “Tai Hong Gong” (a Chinese deity) wising him to carry out philanthropic (charitable) duties. He set up several homes and orphanages for the aged, sick, poor and homeless during his lifetime. His philanthropic acts are not only limited to Thailand but in the region as well. He passed on in the year 1935 (3rd day of the 1st lunar month) at the age of 87 in Bangkok. He now rest in his home town of Chao An China. Current Day information on the Er Ger Fong Temple Mr Hia Mao Founder of the Er Ger Fong Temple Consecration of the Er Ger Fong Image in 2537/38 The Er Ger Fong temple located in Yaowarat (Chinatown) Thailand was set up by Mr Hia Mao in 2537/38 (1994-95) after having a dream of Er Ger Fong requesting him to resume his legacies of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. At that time Mr Hia Mao was just a humble odd job worker with little financial means. However Er Ger Fong did mention to him that he will guide and assist him even financially. Mr Hia Mao struck a small prize in the local lottery and was convinced the dream was more than a dream. He used this small windfall to pursue the goal of setting up the temple. Shortly after he did this his business grew and had the financial means to set up his 1st home for the homeless. This was when he consecrated the 2nd batch of amulets (only 1 year later) and continued to set up 8 homes as of 2009 similar to Er Ger Fong’s legacy these homes helped the aged, poor, sick and homeless. He also sponsored young boys whose families are too poor to afford simple monk robes in order for their sons to be ordained (Thai’s hold ordination for their sons with high regard similar to Muslims performing pilgrimage). In addition merit making ceremonies to bury unclaimed bodies in mass graves or providing coffins to families’ of deceased who can’t afford a proper burial are just some of the philanthropic efforts of the temple. Merit making rituals for aborted babies Merit making for unidentified bodies Almost 20 years on and having done so much charitable works (TamBoon/Merit making), Mr Hia Mao believes that Er Ger Fong has also blessed him with good business he now runs a successful fleet of Taxis and transport related business in Bangkok and owns no less than 7 properties. His efforts are also widely regconised by the local community including the Royal Thai Police,HM King Bhumibol Aduyadej (Rama 9), Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and Sankaraj Yansanwong (Highest Ranking Monk). Mr Hia Mao receiving an award from HM King Bhumibol Aduyadej (Rama 9) for his Charitable efforts Mr Hia Mao receiving an award from Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn for his Charitable efforts on a separate occasion Mr Hia Mao receiving the hair of HM King Bhumibol Aduyadej (Rama 9) (Sometimes used as material for consecrating amulets from Sankaraj Yansanwong (Thailand’s Highest Ranking Royal Monk) Er Ger Fong Amulets/Religious Items Er Ger Fong amulets have gain popularity in both Thailand and the region after much widespread experiences; prices have also appreciated tremendously much better than any investment one can imagine. Because of this, several “Arjans” and “Monks” have used his image to consecrate amulets as they sell extremely well. Dealers who cash in on amulets bearing the Er Ger Fong image have also promised buyers “windfall luck” and “added advantage in gambling”. While Er Ger Fong amulets released by the official temple does give an element of enhanced luck it is due to the meditative powers of Great Guru Monks who participate in the consecration process and not because Er Ger Fong was the boss of several gambling houses and also fond of card games and “Mah Jong”. On site Er Ger Fong’s resting place in Chao An China Before consecration of any amulets Mr Hia Mao and other temple representative including a Brahmin Priest will travel all the way to Chao An China to request permission and obtain blessings from Er Ger Fong before proceeding. Amulets released by the temple are consecrated over many days by several top monks. Some of these great (and favourite) Gurus include - LP Kasem (Wat Susahn Sahlahwangtham) - LP Pern (Wat Bang Prah) - LP Tim (Wat Prakeow) (Disciple of the late LP Jong Wat Natangnok) - LP Yit (Wat Nong Jok) (Famous for his palakids) - Kruba Duang Dee (Wat Ta Jum Pee) (Disciple of the late Kruba Srivichai) LP Yit Wat Nong Jok LP Pern Wat Bang Prah LP Tim Wat Prahkeow Experiences include - Great wealth and fortune - Success in business ventures - Enhanced luck - Loving kindness from all - Charisma and authoritative outlook Both in Thailand and abroad the Er Ger Fong amulets are not only a religious charm but a status symbol as well. These amulets are worn amongst the richest and most powerful people in the community including the Royal Thai Police Chief in Command and several politicians and business figures.

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