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Lavender essential oil ! Highly recommended!!! *Wonderfully calming and versatile . *Add a few drop to warm bath or to your pillow at night . * help your insomnia problem , sleep better . A good quality of essential oil is very important! For three decades, melaleuca has set the standard of quality for melaleuca essential oil . Now we're extending that standard to an entire line of all PURE Essential oils 100% pure oil extracted directly from the botanical plant source. Certified to contain NO synthetic or impurities Tested to meet stringent quality specifications every time Each oil is traceable to its source Harvested using sustainable and ethical practices Size : 15ml Additional information will be given if you not very sure which essential oil is suitable for you . Melaleuca oil , ginger oil , lime oil , eucalyptus oil , geranium oil , ylang ylang , lavender oil , grapefruit oil , lemon oil , lemongrass oil , peppermint oil , sand wood oil .