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Each application is last for 2-4 hours. If your children is having cough and flu, you can try this patch on them too as it is not a medicated patch, therefore it is safe to use even on children. It does not contain any western medication in it. It is solely pure plant extract in it. So, feel free to patch with Atomy. Main ingredients: Flemingia Philippinensis Merr. Et Rolfe (a root herbal plant with unique medical properties from Taiwan), Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Winter Green Essential Oil, Zinc Oxide and Resin. Product Features: Use far infra red technology to enable active ingredient from oil patch to penetrate deep into the skin. There are anti-inflammatory properties through blood circulation with cooling and soothing effect. How to use (some examples. Tested effective): Headache: * Migraines: place oil patch at the bottom of both ears. * Headache: put the oil patch at the back of the neck *Sore throat: cut a portion of oil patch and put on the throat area *Feel Bloated: put oil patch near the belly button area. *Menstrual pain: place oil patch few cm below the belly button area. *Joint pain: place oil patch on top and behind the joint pain area *To improve sleeping quality: place oil patch on the foot sole and forehead. *Stiff neck: place oil patch at the back of the neck. *Muscle soreness/ache: place oil patch on affected areas *Stomach ache: paste over belly button ** Do not use more than 4 hours for each application. ** For sensitive skin, do not use more than 2 hours for each application to avoid irritation. * Do not paste at the same area of your skin continuously. Pricing: 1 packet of 5 pieces: $5.50 1 box of 50 pieces (10 packets): $45 Chat at for more clarifications.

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