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Exclusive to Lufiobd Andy Lufi XF Revolution OBD OBD2 Gauge Meter display. #lufi #xf #magician #defi #scangauge #ultragauge 515


tampines central 7





The latest Lufi XF revolution OBD multi meter gauge Exclusive to Lufiobd Andy in Singapore. Chat with me on WhatsApp Video demo ✔ 💯 percent FULL English set including menu page and main page. Exclusively to only me. ✔ Direct plug in to obd ✔ Plug and play. ✔ NO cutting of existing wiring needed. ✔ OBD splitter can be purchase separately should you need it 🏆Top Service and Product provided guarantee. See my review to believe it. 👉Where to buy? From me directly Andy @ 92997429 @ Tampines ✔ Data display: - average speed - speed - rpm - oil pressure - fuel pressure - oil temp - water temp - exhaust temp - voltage - clock - engine run time - turbo/in-Mf pressure - air flow - intake air temp - common rail pressure - throttle position - accelerate position - exhaust g.r. - engine load - short trim - long trim - O2 sensor voltage - fuel level - air/fuel ratio - baro - accelerator position - fuel consumption - average fuel consumption - outside temp - acceleration m/s - gear (based on speed) ✔ Full crystal clear LCD colour panel. Different type of alert with different color alert light: green, light green, yellow, orange and red. Performance mode: 0-100km/h,0-200km/h, 0-400m Error code reading and clearing functions. 📣📣📣📣📣TAKE NOTE📣📣📣📣📣 careful of some bogus seller faking of as English set. Don't get cheated. Always insist to see it first. Main page in English and when press for menu is also English. OBD OBD2 lufi gauge car meter magician

3 months ago In Accessories

Listed by lufiobd

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Post Sales Review: Once again I standby by what I mentioned in my previous review for Andy and his product. Great product and the only thing greater is Andy's service. Had some enquiries about the product. He made time for me to see him in the day itself. Took a look at the unit, ensured all parameters are set for my car well and even took it for a spin to ensure it's all working as it should.