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extended to 31 aug due to popularity!! hello! im hosting my very first giveaway becuz its my sch hols nowπŸŽ‰ all the giveaway items added tgt is worth >$150 !!! all items brand new. giving away as i have too many and need to clear πŸ˜‚ (all pics taken by me) πŸ’§RULES TO JOIN (compulsory): 1. like 15 of my listings, including this one - sold and reserved listings not counted (i will count) 2. follow me (if alr following, can skip but i will check) πŸ’§PRIZES (5 winners): 1st place -- typo black backpack with gold zip, typo laptop case, typo file & 2 typo notebooks 2nd place x2 -- EACH get 2 typo notebooks, 2 typo pencil cases & 1 typo bottle 3rd place x2 -- EACH get 2 typo notebooks πŸ’§EXTRA STEPS: (the more u do, the higher chance u get!) (not compulsory, but will ur increase chance) ; A ; dm me the reason(s) for you wanting these typo items ; B ; like another 15 of my listings (so 30 in total), sold and reserved listings not counted -- side note: i have 39 listings in total ; C ; give me a shoutout on your carousell account & tag me ; D ; tag 3 people in the comment section below (no repeats from other people) ; E ; buy something from my listings (the more u buy / the higher the price -> the more chance u have) πŸ’« have to complete the RULES TO JOIN, but the STEPS are optional πŸ’« the more number of steps u complete, the higher the chance that u win!! πŸ’« other impt factors: * ur attitude (how nice u are) * ur reason(s) for wanting these items (if u do that step) * whether you bought something from me - if ur not doing any of the steps: dm me that you are joining the giveaway, once u finish both the rules to join - if ur doing the steps: dm me which steps u did & state what ur buying (if any) (eg. im joining the giveaway. i completed A, B and E - buying the black shirt) πŸ’§NOTES: - along the way if u see something else that u like and want to buy, u can top up & tell me ur getting the item under the giveaway - do NOT unfollow / unlike me after the giveaway ends - winners have to pay for ur own mailing fee - i will dm the winners on 13 aug - dont be a sore loser, no bargainings on why u didnt win GIVEAWAY ENDS 31 AUGUST (9pm)!!! have fun and all the best ✨

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