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✔ Cars or Bikes ✔ High gloss wash soap ✔ Cleans for a showroom shine ✔ High suds/high gloss formula ✔ Synthetic wax formula adds extra protection with every wash ✔ pH-balanced formula does not strip wax or sealant coatings ✔ Enhances high gloss shine on every paint color ✔ Slick and scratch-free car wash shampoo ✔ Perfect for use in any foam gun or foam cannon for added slick suds and scratch-free wash experience How it Works? The product specialists at Chemical Guys wanted to recreate the bright shine of a brand new car sitting in the showroom, so they came up with Extreme Extreme BodyWash & Wax car wash soap with Color Brightening Technology. The slick car wash soap gently removes dirt, grime, road film, brake dust, and grease from driving all over the city, highway, countryside, and even dirt roads. The synthetic car wax formula blended into the car wash soap leaves behind a light coat of protection. Help repel future dust, dirt, and rainwater so your car stays cleaner for longer. Add a couple ml of Extreme BodyWash & Wax to your 19L wash bucket to create thick soapy suds, or put some in your foam gun or foam cannon to spray down your car with thick car wash cleansing foam. Extreme BodyWash & Wax is pH-balanced, safe for use even in direct sunlight, and won’t leave any spots or stains at the end of a car wash. The versatile car soap is perfect for any beginning detailing enthusiast or professional detailer who washes fleets of cars every day. Recreate the excitement of a shiny brand new car with Chemical Guys Extreme BodyWash & Wax car wash soap. Color Brightening Technology with Two Types of Wax: Chemical Guys Body Wash & Wax contains color brightening technology which derives from the use of two different waxes. Utilizing two different types of wax within the formulation, Body Wash & Wax will give you that freshly waxed look. Carnauba wax is nature’s sunscreen: shielding palm leaves in the Brazilian rainforest from the harsh UV solar rays. Extreme Body Wash & Wax is blended with natural carnauba wax and a synthetic man-made wax with enhanced durability. These protection agents help strengthen your vehicle’s existing wax or sealant coat to prolong the protection, and restore the extra gloss and shine of that freshly-waxed look. Use Chemical Guys Body Wash & Wax to gently cleanse and eliminate dirt, dust and grime to reveal a brighter and more vibrant color paintwork. How To Use: Shake well. Add 30ml of Extreme Body Wash & Wax to 19L of water. Wash surface. Rinse using clean water for a perfect shine. Tags: Wax Car bike Wash wash and wax chemical guys soap shampoo detailing #UOBPayNow

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