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check comment section for updates! not helping for ❌ places outside seoul and gyeonggi ❌ preorder fansigns ❌ exo & yg artists two types of service! both involve me buying the albums for you😊 ⭐ i buy you go i buy the albums with your info & you attend the fansign👌 - service avail all the time - we can discuss mailing fees (within kr or ems to sg) ❣for people who have no time to buy/inexperienced ❣you pay: price of albums (after currency conversion) + commission + mailing fees ⭐ i buy i go i buy your albums with your money but using my info - check comment section to see when service is avail - you will need to fill up all slots, doesn't matter if you share and use same name or not - i am experienced with selling fansign slots and i know korean so can translate and convey message for you👌 ❣for people who don't have time to go to kr for the fansign/po sellers who also want to sell fansign slots ❣you pay: price of albums (after currency conversion) + commission + additional fees if i do get in🙏 getting into fansigns is not just about buying a lot of albums, but also when you buy them! and that takes a lot of experience🤧 my experience ✔overall 80% success rate for myself ✔have helped over 500 people for at least 4 years, with overall 90% success view other pics for some recent feedback bts mots - 100% success (3 fansigns excl aladin, 15 people) ❣commission $100 for any number below 80 +$0.50 for each album after 80 for certain groups i can advise a range of number to buy but like with all fansigns, nothing is guaranteed☹ in order to prevent backouts after knowing how many to buy, a deposit of $10 is required to proceed👌 if some issues come up and i can't help you, i will refund 100% ctb with this format name of artist / music store / application duration / fansign date (only for I BUY I GO) / number of albums dm me an approx number you plan to buy. do not ask me right away to tell you how many to buy. please dm at least 2 days before the application deadline🙏

8 months ago In K-Wave


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