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FAQ & Leather Care


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Q : HOW LONG DOES MY ORDER TAKES TO BE BUILT ? A : Upon order confirmation , an order usually takes 1 day to be built , you would be periodically updated on the progress of your order from start to mail drop . Normal mail takes 3-5 working days from mail drop , Registered mail takes 1-3 working days from mail drop , and self collection can be collected anytime upon craft completion. Q : DO YOU GUYS CUSTOM DESIGNS ? A : It depends , we usually turn down designs that does not go along the design language of cattlehide . In cattlehide , our design shall remain minimalistic with rivets as the main form of binding . Q : ARE MEETUPS AVAILABLE ? A : We only do self collection at a charge of $5 . We offer complimentary mailing as well, for customers who would like more security in their purchase . The order would be considered a rushed order and hence the additional cost Q : WHERE WAS THE MODEL LISTED LAST WEEK ? A : The model was probably completely sold out . Time to time we would launch limited edition products or leather which would eventually sell out . We would recommend our customers to act fast on limited edition products or leathers ! Q : WHY ARE THERE NO READY STOCKS ? A : As we believe every order is unique , we provide customization of our products to make it truly yours . We would also like every customer to know that the order was freshly handcrafted for just them . Q : WHAT KIND OF LEATHER IS USED ? A : We use 100% Honest Full Grain Leather , leather that are wholesome and hearty to the touch . Full Grain is the strongest , and most reliable leather available , which is why we used them for all our crafts . Occasionally we would bring in limited amount of imported leather from USA (Horween) , and Italy (Toscana) . Q : DO YOU USE VEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER ? A : In short , Yes , yes we do . Everyone knows that vegetable tanned leather accounts for only about 10% of the world's leather trade , and it feels great to be part of that 10% . However , vegetable tanned leather does not appeal to everyone . Most natural vegetable tanned leather would develop a patina(darken and shine) from your body oils over time , some of our customer find this aging process a little hard to accept . We do and will bring in vegetable tanned leather from time to time , but have found that Oil-Pulled leather are much more popular among our customers , who have developed a liking for it's unique character . Hence , our default line up of leather features the oil-pulled leather , which also includes the occasional appearance of Horween's Famous Chromexcel . Do tell us if you would like us to use any particular leather for the craft , we would be pleased to bring them in just to craft them for you . Q : WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR LOGO ABOUT ? A : The Cattlehide Logo is actually a cow . We attempted to draw many cows as minimal as possible , and ended up with a design as such . We find that this design is a very good representation of Cattlehide's design concept . Upon careful observation , you'll notice the negative circle forming the body of the cow , a reminder that our designs revolve around the rivet . Fun Fact : the logo is hand drawn using a permanent marker and the same hand drawn logo was used for our web logo , brass stamp and namecards . Q : WHEN DID CATTLEHIDE STARTED ? A : Pre planning & execution began on January 2016 . We have been delivering quality handcrafted products to the public ever since ! Q : WHO FOUNDED CATTLEHIDE ? A : All details can be found on my namecard that comes with your order ! Q : WHAT IS THE SMALL PIECE OF EXTRA LEATHER IN MY ORDER FOR ? A : The piece of included leather is always cut from an area next to the area being cut for the craft . This allows our customers to visually inspect or test the durability of our full grain leather without the need of actually putting their own product to test . Customers who are keen to add certain oils , wax or polish to their leather may also do so on the small piece to test the leather's response to the additive before trying it on the actual piece (not covered by warranty if you messed up here πŸ˜…). Q : HOW DO I CARE FOR MY CATTLEHIDE PRODUCT ? A : Upon receiving the parcel , it is recommended that you do not leave it in the Ziplock bag for more than a week . We use 100% Full Grain Leather in our crafts (which are high in organic content) , where if stored under moist , dark and airtight conditions would encourage the growth of mould . It is advisable to use your cattlehide product shortly after purchase as the oils from your hands and body would be transferred to the product , which gradually forms a layer which helps protect the leather . Generally , our leathers requires no regular surface treatments . Q : WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I SCRATCHED MY DISTRESSED OIL PULLED LEATHER PRODUCT ? A : Simply rub it off with your thumb , the scratches "heals" themselves when you "push" the oils back into where it's surface got damaged . Q : WHAT LEATHER WOULD YOU RECOMMEND ? A : For Leather enthusiasts , we would recommend our default Wine Burgundy as well as Vintage Brown , as they are thicker , stronger and have a nice quality weight to them . They also bear a richer leather smell (which our customers love). For Luxury Bag enthusiasts , we would reccomend Frost Grey Saffiano as well as Irish Cream Saffiano . These leather are slimmer , lighter and it's Saffiano print pairs well with luxury bags from Prada or Hermes (which uses the same type of leather). Oh, did I forget to mention that they are water resistant on the surface as well ? Well , they are :) Q : WHY IS CATTLEHIDE A GREAT CHOICE ? A : Cattlehide offers great prices for ... - Honest 100% Full Grain Leather - Individually Handcrafted Goods - Progress Tracking from start to mail-drop - Lifetime Warranty Coverage - Complimentary Mailing Q : WHY ARE THERE CREASES ON MY LEATHER ? A : As we use 100% Full Grain Leather , creases , pores , and marks are normal . However , as we select each hide of leather ourselves , and even select appropriate areas to cut for the craft , we are able to significantly reduce the possibility of crafting on an affected area . When a part of the leather is found to have certain flaws , we make small crafts around it to reduce wastage of leather . We would never put the blame on the leather's natural skin flaws that your craft turns out as such , as we believe it is possible for us to craft around the imperfections , and after all , you are a paying customer , and it isn't fair for you to pay the same price if someone else is getting a flawless cut of leather . Q : WOULD YOU CONDUCT CRAFT LESSONS ? A : No. But I can however coach you on other things like entrepreneurship , financial management , photography ( and post processing ) , effective marketing . Q : WHAT IS POPULAR ? A : Our 5 most popular items are ranked as such ... 1) The Minimalist 2) The Pocket 3) The Letterman 4) The Contempo+ 5) The KeyManager

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