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Key Features Fast FW150RM 150Mbps Portable Wireless Router Wireless standards: IEEE 802.11g / b Wired standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u 1 * 10 / 100Mbps LAN / WAN port Plug and Play, no configuration, compact and portable, business travel home are both Good compatible smart phones, tablet PCs, notebooks / netbooks and other equipment Support AP (wireless access point), Client (wireless client), Repeater (wireless relay), Bridge (wireless bridge), Router (wireless routing) five operating modes AP mode - the default mode. In this mode the device is a wireless access point that supports Plug and Play, no configuration. Router Mode - In this mode device is equivalent to a wireless router, wired interface as a WAN, a wireless LAN. Multiple wireless clients can share a broadband Internet line. Repeater mode - Radio Relay function utilizes equipment, wireless signal relay and amplification, and the formation of new wireless coverage area, ultimately extending wireless network coverage purposes. Bridge mode - use equipment bridging function, first FW150RM establish a wireless connection with the front end wireless network and then send out a radio signal itself, forming a new wireless coverage, can effectively solve the signal is weak and blind spots and other wireless signal coverage problems. Client Mode - In this mode the AP is a wireless client to the main AP, the equivalent wireless network card. Provide a LAN / WAN wired interface, wireless routing mode can be automatically switched to WAN port Quote me your best offer.