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PO Item #137 [FAST PO] [MAKEUP PRODUCTS PO] Korean Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask 70ml @$12.99 ONLY!! *DIRECTLY FROM KOREA!* 💛Comes in, 💦Water Gel Type Yellow, Pink & Blue 💎Cream Clay Green & Purple ❣️Trans Forming Clay Type White & Black AS WELL AS FREEBIES! 💋 *DIRECTLY FROM KOREA!* 👍🏻Exact to the pictures given, quality assured. ❄️Waiting time latest 2.5 weeks after batch closes, otherwise would arrive within 1.5 or even 1 week if no delays. Batch only will close at the end of the month, otherwise do opt for urgent order if you can't afford to wait. 💖URGENT ORDERS IS @ the rate of $2.0/per item. However, due to certain circumstances for bulky items. it will be of different cost. Will let you know the cost of it in advance. It will come within 2 weeks after the day of payment, if no delays will most probably reached me in 1 week otherwise will be 2 weeks+. Brand: Innisfree Type: Others

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Sengkang MRT/LRT Interchange (NE16/STC), Singapore

Depends on my schedule, meet up currently at Sengkang MRT ONLY.

Mailing or Delivery

[💄Products] Normal Mail +$3 (prices will differ depending on the item(s) ) [We do not recommend Normal Mailing for cosmetic products & we also NOT LIABLE for LOST of NORMAL MAIL.] Registered Mail +$4.70 (prices will differ depending on the item(s) )