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Female Digital Basal Thermometer




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Medexpro SOFT Flexible HEAD DIGITAL MedExpro SOFT HEAD DIGITAL CENTIGRADE / Fahrenheit Female BASAL OVULATION THERMOMETER + CHART + Pregnancy Test PROFESSIONAL HIGHLY ACCURATE DIGITAL CENTIGRADE OVULATION THERMOMETER READS TO 2 DECIMAL PLACES + FREE FERTILITYPLAN CHART WITH EVERY ORDER!! Package Included: 1x 1 digital Centigrade thermometer (Flexible HEAD) 1x A FREE Fertilityplan chart 1x Hard Plastic Protector Case How exactly do you measure a menstrual cycle? Very simply a menstrual cycle is defined as starting on the day of first bleed to the start of your next bleed. So Cycle Day 12 (CD12) would be 12 days after you first started your period. What do you mean by a Fertilityplan chart? If you are trying for a baby then you need to do a few very simple things to try and ensure you get pregnant as soon as possible. The Fertilityplan chart summarizes what you notice about your body during your cycle and when these changes are charted and combined with other help such as ovulation tests and temperature changes you can more easily pinpoint when you are ovulating. Why should I keep a Fertilityplan chart? There is only a very small window within each cycle when your body releases an egg (ovulation). This window, which may last only 36 hours, is the only time you can get pregnant during that cycle so knowing how to pinpoint the timing when the egg is released can be very important. How does a basal digital thermometer help? Basically there is a slight temperature drop just before ovulation occurs and then a distinct temperature rise of about 0.20 to 0.50 degrees Centigrade after ovulation takes place. By plotting your temperature change during your cycle you will know when you have ovulated. Why do I need it to be to 2 decimal places in Centigrade/Fahrenheit ? We supply a Centigrade/Fahrenheit thermometer. we have found that many women are used to measuring their basal temperature in Centigrade. The reason for 2 decimal places is also to help identify the time of ovulation more easily. Most thermometers measure to just one decimal place, so on a Centigrade thermometer it would read 36.9 or 37.2. However, our thermometer will read 36.87 or 37.24 so it makes spotting the time of ovulation easier, especially if you also use ovulation tests. WARNING: Beware of sellers who sell thermometers which only measure to 1 decimal place and claim they are basal thermometers. These types of thermometers are NOT ideally suited for ovulation charting for the reasons mentioned above. But don’t I need to know before I ovulate not after? Yes, that is why we recommend that this digital basal thermometer is used in conjunction with ovulation tests. Additionally the completion of the Fertility plan chart will also help identify ovulation timing by noting bodily changes too. When should I take my temperature? You should take your temperature, orally under the tongue, every morning before you do anything else - even before you get up!! Just the act of getting up increases body temperature so keep the thermometer right by the bed. You should then write down the temperature recorded. The temperature rise (spike) takes place shortly after ovulation and will stay slightly elevated until you start your next period. What other bodily changes should I look for to know when I am about to ovulate? The consistency of cervical mucus changes throughout the menstrual cycle. Usually after you finish your bleed you will have 3/4 days when you have dry days. The wetness then increases daily usually lasting about 9 days at which point the mucus will become plentiful, slippery, clear and stretchy. The best comparison is that it is like egg whites and at this point it is a good sign that ovulation will occur in the next couple of days. After ovulation occurs the mucus will again become more sticky less stretchy and then dryer again. Ok, what about the thermometer itself? The thermometer itself is a straightforward Centigrade digital thermometer which can be used under the armpit, orally or rectally. It is self correcting and reads your temperature in under 2 minutes and automatically beeps when you can read the temperature. It also has a memory function, so when you turn on the thermometer the last recorded temperature will be displayed briefly. It comes complete with button cell type battery and we can provide replacement batteries, if required. The battery life is usually 2 years but less if used every day. The unit should be switched off once the reading is taken but will switch off automatically after 10 minutes if no button is pressed. The thermometer is fully CE approved as are all the items we sell. Determine the possibility of pregnancy Purchase with purchase: David pregnancy kits (SGD 3.90) David Ovulation kits (SGD 4.90) Pregnancy test kits (SGD 1.50)

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