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This is the shorter and more compact version of our all-popular FILM GREETING REEL that comes in a variety of colours. Handmade with high quality canvas and genuine 35mm film canister, this quirky version of Film Reel is perfect for those wants things short and sweet - one message, one photo! When unreeled, it reveals a beautiful canvas scroll measuring 6 inches (15cm) long and 1.5 inches (3.5cm) in height. The scroll can be kept by reeling it back into the canister. This Greeting Scroll is excellent for celebrations like Anniversaries, Birthdays and Weddings. PERSONALISE A MESSAGE AND ADD A PHOTO Personalise your message and send us a photo. You can even add a Cover Photo to the Film Reel. We'll create the artwork for you. LOOKING TO ADD MORE PHOTOS? If you're looking for a Film Reel version that can hold more photos, you should take a look a this: COLOUR OPTIONS 1 - All BLACKs 2 - Banana (YELLOW) 3 - Clear BLUE Sky 4 - Grasshopper GREEN 5 - Plain VANILLA 6 - RED Red Wine 7 - Simply ORANGE 8 - Tiffany's Breakast (TURQUOISE) Or Take All of Them in a Set of 8 different colours SCROLL DIMENSIONS Each scroll is 2.3 inches (6cm) in height and 15 inches (40cm) in length. MATERIAL Film Canisters: Genuine 35mm(135) film canisters Printed Media: Durable Premium Canvas

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