Final Cut Pro X (LATEST+DOWNLOAD FROM APPSTORE) includes Motion & Compressor BEST on Carousell


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RELIST Retailing at $299.99~ SGD450 100% genuine software, not cracked. You get to download and update it from the Apple Appstore. Great alternative to the Adobe's monopoly. Great for professional video editors. For Mac only!! Plugins available. Please ask. Final Cut Pro 10.3 debuts a powerful collection of new features for professional editors. A strikingly low-profile interface maximises work space on any display. The new Magnetic Timeline 2 advances even further beyond traditional, track-based editing with automatic colour coding and flexible layouts based on roles. The latest Final Cut Pro release also takes full advantage of the new MacBook Pro with support for the Touch Bar and wide colour workflows. The first thing you’ll notice when you launch Final Cut Pro 10.3 is a streamlined design that makes efficient use of screen space on notebook and desktop computers. Next you’ll discover how it lets you easily create customised window layouts to match the way you edit. Then you’ll realise it’s all so intuitive that the interface seems to disappear, letting you concentrate on what really matters: your work. The Magnetic Timeline 2 advances the most essential part of the editing interface further than ever. Import a clip and it’s automatically categorised and colour coded by role. Drag roles in the Timeline Index to instantly rearrange them or focus on a specific one with a single click. You can even organise audio clips in lanes to keep track of complex projects. Your timeline has never been so easy to follow. Working with Roles Clips are colour coded and arranged by categories called roles — such as dialogue, music and effects — making them easy to identify in the browser and timeline. It’s simple to create roles, rename them and choose customised colours. And if you change a clip’s role in the timeline, the clip instantly moves to its correct location. Using the Timeline Index Rearrange your timeline simply by dragging roles up or down in the Timeline Index. Click the Focus button to minimise the height of roles you don’t need to see. Audio Lanes In the Magnetic Timeline 2, clips cluster together to make efficient use of screen space. You can enable lanes for specific roles to create visual separation. Or click Show Audio Lanes to instantly enable lanes for all roles. When you’re done editing, convert your project to a Compound Clip to adjust volume and apply effects across an entire role. Bank transfer/CC/Paypal