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DLC has been redeemed. (Note: you don't need the DLC to play the game and it doesn't put you at a disadvantage even if you don't have it.) All items remain in their pristine mint condition. For meetup details, please refer to profile page. If you would like me to ship the game to you, uParcel courier is $11. ____________________ FINAL FANTASY® XV is a ground-breaking fantasy based on reality, with revolutionary gameplay, awe-inspiring graphics, and cutting edge technology. Escaping the flames of war, Noctis, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, embarks on an epic journey with his best friends through a world of larger-than-life beasts, amazing wonders to behold, and dungeons filled with danger in hopes of finding the strength to take back his homeland and end the battle. The Ultimate Collector's Edition, available in extremely limited quantities, is for the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan. Only 30,000 units will be created worldwide. Available exclusively from the Square Enix Online Store, the Ultimate Collector's Edition includes all Deluxe Edition content plus an additional exclusive two-disc steelbook containing the official Blu-ray Disc Music (featuring music from FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGSGLAIVE and BROTHERHOOD) and the BROTHERHOOD Blu-ray (containing an additional bonus scene). Also includes a PLAY ARTS -KAI- Noctis action figure with Ultimate Edition-exclusive weapon. Dimensions: 12.13" x 9.63" X 8.25"