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When detailing your car, the overall look is not truly finished to satisfaction until every surface has been washed and protected. Fireball Ultimate Tire Coating Wax provides your tires with a glossy finish that repels dirt and water for a long-lasting shine! Fireball Ultimate Tire Coating Wax brings your dull tires back to life with high gloss finish and hydrophobic properties. Simply spray the solution onto the sponge applicator and then apply it onto the tire surface. Application is as easy as that! Fireball Ultimate Tire Coating Wax works well with exterior plastic trims as well. Check out the shine and water beading effect on the plastic trims! Features & Benefits: - Provides a high gloss finish for tires and plastic trims - Durable (lasts for weeks, not days) - Repels dirty water, keeping tires looking cleaner for longer - Easy to use (spray on formulation) - Hydrophobic properties Available in: 500ml bottle Supplied with: - Trigger spray head - Sponge applicator *For more product information and directions for use, please refer to:

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