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8 months ago by gudetamomo




mega twice giveaway!! usually its clothes or others but its twice this time round! πŸ’β˜ΊοΈ FIRST PRIZE (minimum 70 participants) 1) twice candybong 2) momo tt pc 3) one signal poster (random) SECOND PRIZE (minimum 45 participants) 1) japan debut album A without id (comes with pc & everything else) 2) tzuyu ballpoint pen (twiceland) 3) one signal poster (random) THIRD PRIZE (minimum 25 participants) 1) unsealed signal album without pc 2)one signal poster (random) 4) signal postcard STEPS TO JOIN (+1) 1) follow me (ΰΉ‘>β—‘<ΰΉ‘) 2) repost this listing with the caption as #GUDETAMOMO FIRST TWICE GIVEAWAY 3) tag me in the listing 4) comment ur number in the queue with a "done" & state which steps u have completed & sum up ur points! :) * for the guessing of my bias, i will include myself :) EXTRA POINTS 1) like all my unsold listings (+2) 2) bought from me (+8 for every $10) 3) traded with me (+5) 4) promote my items (+1 for every 5 listings) 5) give me a shoutout (+2) 6) guess my top 3 bias in twice (+3) * in order of priority HAHAHA q easy tbh its that easy!! winner will be chosen through a random number generator and proof will be posted :-) so like e.g u have 50 points i'll enter ur username 50 times and its based on luck πŸΈπŸ’— winner have to come down to my convi to collect items because its q unfair if i have to go all the way to your convi to give u free things HAHAHA & collection only via meetup giveaway ends on the 20th august 2017 23:59 if winner does not reply within 24h, the prize will be given to others! *note prizes can be changed anytime due to its availability :-) banned from entering if u have mia-ed before/ backed out/ rude/ irritating good luck yall!!!

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