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Fish Wirecraft Personalised Keychain [ for bag Children's Day Teachers Valentine Christmas Rays New Year birthday door graduation farewell customised gifts presents handmade uncle.anthony uncle anthony uac ]


1 year ago by uncle.anthony








In many culture, fish is a symbol of abundance. For the Chinese, it is so, and the Chinese, in Chinese New Year greetings, like to say, "Nian, nian yo yu [year on year, have fish, meaning, may you have abundance, year after year]. The Japanese, they like the fish (koi, they used as the symbol); also to mean good fortune. What about the Malays? Based on the little that I know, it depends! Climbing perch is believed to be of power to ward off evil spirits, & so may be kept in the homes. The fighting fish, on the other hand, is not kept in the home, the belief is that the aggressive stance is not good for family life. Alamak, about Indian culture? Just mention one; there is their fish god, Matsya. 2 other symbolisms I have to mention, too, yah. One, is the Singapore Merlion; it is with a lion head and body of a fish. And is often depicted as the nation's mascot and personification of Singapore. The second one is the Jesus Fish; the "fish", in the olden days, was used to denote who are the believers of the faith. So, how about a fish dangle for your bag?! Don't think much of what is said above?! Nevermind, maybe it can remind you of the nice nasi lemak fish (they don't include the ikan kuning, anymore, in most of the nasi lemak?! Oh, how sad!). ✳️Or you prefer something else, there are many other designs (shapes); to see some of them, go here: ✳️ 🌾🌾🌾 Personally handmade from aluminum craft wire and alphabet beads. Price is for a max. of 7 alphabet beads; exceeds that, there is an extra alphabet charge of $1 per extra alphabet. Chat me on your name/wording, and Choose: (1) color of wire, & (2) fitting: (A) keychain rℹng (DEFAULT) or (B) handphone strap or (C) handphone dustcap 😊When can ready: 👉 🔴 TERMS OF SALES: 👉 🏷uncle.anthony Anthony Chia uac tags wirecraft wire-craft wire craft children gifts keychains dangles customisation customization personalization personalisation #wirecraft dangle #fashiontrends #supportlocal #handmade #uac.keychains #uac


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jjbtulaxxThank you uncle for the lovely keychains!
5 hours ago
silent.aliensgreat seller to deal with ✨ smooth and pleasant more
heizenreichLook no elsewhere if you wanna get handmade items, more
5 days ago