Flashing Strobe LED eagle Eyes


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Pair of 23mm flashing Strobe Eagle LED light Super bright, super safety. In stock 2 pieces for $15 4 pieces for $25 6 pieces for $33 12v , 3.5w Colours Red , White, yellow , ice blue , green , pink/purple Link to our Facebook video intro https://www.facebook.com/boxer593/posts/10211014171123245 Waterproof with silicon sealed. Suitable for your escoot, ebike, DRL... Etc Other Bulbs available H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, HB3, 9005, HB4, 9006, H11, T5, T10, T15, T20, 1156, 1157, strobe, brake, signal, flash, spot, blinker, low beam, high beam, changeable light, festoon, cabin, BA9s, Pole light, reverse, Led headlight, halogen, xenon, hid white, yellow fog light, COB, Cree, LED,