Flute - Venu (South Indian transverse flute) *1 Kattai


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* This is a beginner instrument. Suitable for those whom are experimenting with flutes of different traditions. The Venu is the instrument of Lord Krishna, a much beloved deity in Hinduism. This flute is used in the South Indian Carnatic classical music tradition. Unlike other flutes which usually have 6 Key Holes, the Venu has 8 Key Holes and uses a different fingering pattern. Product : Venu (South Indian Transverse Flute/ 1 Kattai/ Key : C = ●●◌◌◌◌◌◌) Item Condition : Good condition! This item has scratch marks from years of wear & tear. 8.0/10 Primary material : Nagercoil Bamboo Country of Origin : Tamil Nadu, India * Chat me up to know more about this instrument. ** COD

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Face-to-face delivery only. (It is my belief that one should test the instrument personally before making the purchase) - NUS - Clementi/ Jurong East - MRT stations (West/ Central)