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Flyer Distributor Wanted 20,000 Flyer $100+$300 Extra Sales Bonus. Part Time, Full Time. Sales.



Need to give out 10,000 door to door flyers at $50 + $300 Extra Sales Bonus. You can choose to give out minimum 2000 to maximum 10,000 flyers a day. For every 10,000 Flyers you give out. If there is enquire and 3 sales is close. You will get $50+$300, total $350. If there is no sales at all, and you gave out 10,000 flyers you will still be paid $50. Do note that only very determine and hard working person can do 10,000 flyers a day, door to door and most will give up before 1,000 flyers is distributed. Payment is made once every 7 days and all claim must be in 3 days in advance. This job is like training for a marathon. First day will be very difficult, tough and tiring. Your body will ache badly. As you go, everyday it gets easier, as you get fitter. After doing this for a while, you will realise that you become so fit that you can actually run a full marathon and more by than it will be possible to do even 20,000 Flyers within 24 hours. If while giving flyers you are able to close 4 sales even at the start, you will also be paid $350. All you need to do is ask them to come down n do a free consultation. Max one day is only $350 even if you close 10 sales. You can also do MRT or Raffles flyer n banner sales, that will be $100 Per Sales. We need people who are independent, dedicate, responsible, can follow instructions and serious about doing a good job. Those who are not serious, need to come with friends, choosy, like to ask unnecessary questions and habit of being late need not apply. Those who plan to cheat, we have checks and control, so don't bother. Only apply if you are humble, honest and hard working. We will do a 1,000 flyer test to see if u can do it or not. Test is tomorrow 9am. Text us your age, work experience and contact number if you are keen. Instruction for distribution Reach the block take a photo of the block number n send Go to top floor n start putting at the door grill When finish half block take a photo of the flyer on the door with unit no. After finish one block text no. Floor n no of units

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2019 Jan

Excellent swift and fast deal. No fuss.