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$13LED Light Stand for Foldable Photo Studio Box $25 SIZE50 LIGHT BOX $30 MINI BUILD IN LED LIGHT BOX $50 SIZE40 BULID IN LED LIGHT BOX Model A: Box is compact and can be folded into a hand-carry folder for portability Studio box provides better light coverage for better photo quality Dimension: 40x40x40cm/50x 50 x 50cm Weight: 1kg/1.5kg Backdrop colours: Black, white, blue, and red Maximum load: 1kg Model B: Mini Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED LightsBox is compact and can be folded into a hand- Material: PP Lightroom + EVA Backdrops Lightroom Color: White Backdrop Color: White, Black LED Power: Micro USB port Folded Dimension: 226 x 230 x 26mm / 8.9" x 9.1" x 1.0" Unfolded Dimension: 226 x 230 x 240mm / 8.9" x 9.1" x 9.4"

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Sim Lim Square Singapore, Singapore

SIM LIM SQUARE#03-19 S'188504 (MONDAY-SATURDAY)(Sunday&Public holiday closed)1-7PM,before u come to our shop please inform us first,and once you visit to our shop Please let us know that you are from carousell(Must)??(our shop only accept cash thx)

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$4 ninja van