Footlogix - Foot Soak Concentrate *250ml/8.45 fl oz. - WAREHOUSE PRICE- NEW


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100 % AUTHENTIC FOOTLOGIX PRODUCT( IMPORT LABEL WILL BE PRESENT IN OUR PRODUCT). MANY STOCKS AVAILABLE. MAKE SURE THE IMPORT LABEL IS PRESENT IF YOU ARE BUYING WITH OTHER VENDORS. IF IMPORT LABEL IS NOT THERE THEN ITS NOT AUTHENTIC BECAUSE FOOTLOGIX IS IMPORTED FROM UNITED STATES OR CANADA. A pH balanced, gentle cleansing foot soak with anti-microbial properties, this concentrate is blended in a fresh-scent formula that re-hydrates skin and softens calluses. Foot Soak #13 offers hydrating therapy for very dry feet. Add 1-2 pumps to warm water and soak feet for 5-10 minutes. Contains 9% urea and aloe vera and is free of perfumes and preservatives. Safe for Diabetics and those with skin and nails prone to fungus. Tags : footsoak,footlogix foot soak,foot soak,foot logix