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CALL US ( 93874518 ) FOR MORE INFORMATION!! We have a fleet of commercial vehicles for rent Rates for Brand New Toyota HIACE Van Rental: - Any Lease Term Over 1 Year Contract Brand new Hiace Package as below. For rent 1 year lease *Manual - Rent $1700 / mth *Auto - Rent $1750 /mth Deposit 1 month + 1 mth rent. ( All price is excluded GST ) *Vehicle will delivery 1 week after deposit and agreement sign.* ***Benefits Of Leasing*** * Predictable Expenses - Fixed monthly leasing expense as compared to fluctuating maintenance costs under self-ownership. This allows business to effectively forecast their budget. * Improved Cash Flow - No heavy capital outlays required and be protected from exponential insurance premium hikes in the event of a claim. * Maintenance and Manpower Management - Eliminate maintenance cost, manpower management and technical expertise with Us. Our professionals keeps industrial vehicles in tip-top condition. * Reduce Downtime - Availability of Replacement vehicles to reduce downtime from unforeseen circumstances. * Opportunity for Expansion - Rapidly expand businesses to meet market demands with no heavy capital outlay. * Improved Financial Ratios - Being asset-light improves profitability ratios, which can be a great boost to the business financial position. Terms : - Driver must be 25 yrs old and above, at least 2yrs driving experience. Call us for more information 93874518