FOR RENT - GoPro Hero 5 + Smart Remote + 64 GB Extreme + 3 Batteries + Full Accessories


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AVAILABLE after 12 Feb 2018. NOT SELLING! Pls read and agree to my terms n conditions first before contacting me ☺ 1) Rental charges = $6 per day. (Rent will be deducted from deposit) 2) Minimum rent = $50. (E.g., rent for 8 day or less will be $50) 3) Security deposit $550 is required. Refundable after deduct rental charges, provided no damage to GoPro. What is included : 1) Gopro Hero 5 Black + orig battery + cable 2) GoPro Smart Remote + charging cable 3) 64GB SanDisk EXTREME SD card (Fastest card for Hero 5 as far as I am aware. Slower cards may experience lag during high resolution recording) 4) 2 Spare Wasabi Batteries + Charger for 3 Batteries 5) Extendable Telesin pole (20cm to 90cm, can use in water) 6) 3 Way Pole 7) Optional Accessories (No extra charges) - Yellow floating stick - head/cap strap - Helmet Strap - Chest harness - Handle bar mount - Wrist / hand strap No rental charge for day of collection and return. ☺ Only want to rent to responsible parties who know how to take care and treat items like their own personal belonging. (Hence the security deposit). Collect and return only at my doorstep at Blk 89, conveniently located RIGHT BESIDE Commonwealth MRT. (After 6pm Mon to Fri, anytime Sat n Sun) No meet ups elsewhere. FYI - This GoPro remote and accessories was bought new for my June 2017 holiday. ☺ Type: Point & Shoot Brand: GoPro

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Blk 89, located right beside Commonwealth MRT