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Why Buy when You Can Rent for your events? Rent props for different party styling! It is very good artificial quality and it looks real! Refer to pic2 for more reference For *3 days* rental period Rent it only @$5/each, $8/pair qty:2 units or 1 pair Add on $2/each for Lab Bottle qty: 2 units Different meet up service at other locations are provided! Other available items as shown below: 1) Alphabet Light box @$7 2) Cake stand @$5 3) 3-tier cupcake stand @$7 4) Merry Ferries Wheel (Hard Cut Paper) @$12 5) Stainless Steel Ferries Wheel @$10 6) Large Cylinder Candy/Popcorn Jar @$7 7) Small Cylinder Candy/Popcorn Jar @$5 8) Ikea 2 tier cupcakes stand @$7 9) Typo Wooden Letters Alphabets ONE @$7 You may search my {FOR RENT} listings #DessertTable #Party #Props #ForRent #Babyfullmonth #Fullmoon #Babyshower