Forgotten Realms, Wheel of Time, Warhammer, Katie Kazoo


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Clearing preloved books for space. Please expect some yellowing of pages for some books. Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo (9/10)- $5.00 Call to Arms (7.5/10)- $8.00 Iron Company (7.5/10)- $8.00 Wheel of Time Book 11 (7.5/10) Knife of Dreams -$8.00 (sold) War of the Spider Queen Book 1 (7.5/10)- $8.00 War of the Spider Queen Book 2 (7/10)- $8.00 Forgotten Realms (8/10): Elminster Ascending - $15

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Meet at mrt station along the red line from Novena to Raffles Place or along the green line from Raffles Place to Pasir Ris on weekday evening.