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BN: Picture Book: Silly Sally, Friends, Mama Do You Love Me?, The Rat and the Tiger★[FREE DELIVERY]


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1-2 books: $6.90 3-6 books: $6.50 7 books and above: $6.20 [Books are all paperback version] PROMOTIONS 1. FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! Free upgrade to courier for 6 books or more 2. Buy 9 books get 1 free. (Applicable to all picture books listings in my profile. Free book is a random title. You can request via chat but subject to availability) Note: For normal postage, Seller is not liable for lost mail so opt for courier if worried. 1. FRIENDS (Helme Heine) Synopsis: Charlie Rooster, Johnny Mouse, and Percy the pig are the best of friends. They do everything together. They ride their bike together, play games together, and even do their chores together. Because that's what good friends do. When night falls, though, and it's time to go to bed, they learn that sometimes friends have to be apart. But that's okay, because true friends always find each other, even if it's just in their dreams. Age guide: 4 to 8 Our Review: Great book for teaching children about friendship. This book has explicit lessons dispersed within the lines. 2. SILLY SALLY (Audrey Wood) Synopsis: Dance a jig with a silly pig. Play leapfrog with a silly dog. Join Silly Sally and her outrageous friends as they parade into town in a most unusual way. "Exploding with whimsy, humor, and zest. . . . Be prepared to read this one a thousand times!"--Booklist Age guide: 3-6yo 3. MAMA DO YOU LOVE ME? (Barbara M. Joosse) Synopsis: This tender story about a sensitive little girl who lives in the Arctic focuses on her attempts to learn just how much her mother loves her. In a simple question-and-answer format, the girl repeatedly asks her mother if she loves her, imagining different scenarios to test her mother's devotion. What would Mother do if the young girl doused a lamp with water? What would Mother do if the girl pretended she was an angry polar bear? What would Mother do if the young girl ran away from home? No matter what the girl imagines she would do, her mother's reassuring answers let her know how deeply loved and precious she really is. This story of a child testing the limits of her independence, and a mother who reassuringly proves that a parent's love is unconditional and everlasting is a perfect first book for toddlers. Age guide: 2-4yo 4. The Rat and the Tiger (Keiko Kasza) Synopsis: Rat and Tiger are best friends, but Rat is tired of Tiger always getting his way. One day Tiger goes too far and Rat gets really angry. What will happen to their friendship? And more importantly, will Rat become Tiger's next meal? Kasza here delivers a valuable lesson cunningly and effectively. With their drolly expressive faces, Tiger and Rat pass on the importance of sharing, playing fairly and treating others as you'd like to be treated. Age guide: 3-7yo *Books are all paperbacks Ways to buy: 1. At my Shopee shop: 2. OR chat with me to buy =) # story books for children and toddlers # christmas gift for children # children's day gift #early learning

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