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*Free Normal postage* Bidara Seeds







Max per person order 100seeds only. ☝🏻 Strict dealings and liase via Carousell PM only. I will not entertain any call/sms/whatsapp if you msg w/o my acknowledgement.kindly respect my privacy and kindly wait patiencely for my reply even if you seen me with blue ticks/online etc. 🔴 MAILiNG: EVERY THURS only ☝🏻 ⏰📮: STRICTLY AFT 11PM NIGHT ONLY! ☝🏻 If you cant wait, dont place order. ***ORDER ONLY IF U CAN WAIT PATIENTLY.*** ‼️ WAIT PATIENTLY FOR MY UPDATE ONCE MAIL OUT ❗️There aare 24hours in a day. ❗️DONT PROMPT asking if i mailed out or not when it is NOT END OF THE DAY YET. I will NOT reply if you prompt me. ❗️Demand of mailing/courier out asap will NOT be entertained. ❗️WILL ONLy UPDATE ACcORDINgLY ONCE MAIL OUT done by END OF THE DAY est ard 11:45PM/past MIDNIght. ❗️ If you cant wait/no patience, simple dont deal. ❗️ kindly be patient Ive stated below clearly when is the mailing be done either Wed OR THURS. so WAiT PATIENTLY for my update.tq Seeds are still available instock Currently for this week’s mass mailing is full. No mailing next week. Bismillah.... 🌿Bidara Seeds🌿 ***INSTOCK*** Selling in packs of 🍀50 seeds @ $12 🍀100 seeds @ $22 *free normal postage* Let’s grow from scratch! ⚠️ High level of patience required ⚠️ Commitment ⚠️ TLC (If you have low patience, no commitment, recommended to get ready grown adult plant) 🌿How to grow these seeds?🌿 🌱 1. Pre-soak seeds in warm water for abt +-15-20mins *optional* 🌱 2. Place seeds on soaked cotton pad. 🌱 2. Once roots out, transfer to soil 🌱 3. Lightly water the plant using Spray Bottle Or 🌱 1. Direct plant in soil (if you are comfortable) ☝🏻Start in small quantities first. ✅ 3seeds / 5 seeds. It may takes average ard 4-5months to grow young plants approx +-30cm height. Charecteristic of plant ☘️ Fine thorns ☘️ Jagged edged leaves(young plant) (according to supplier it’s bidara arab insya allah. *wallahu a’lam*) Bidara plants have a few breeds: Bidara Laut, Bidara Arab & Bidara Cina(if im not wrong) ——————————————————— ❌ NO MEET UP/SELF COLLECT ❌ NO CASH PAYMENT 👉🏻 Payment via Bank Transfer: PayLAH, PayNOW, Ibank 🔴 1st payment, 1st get basis. 📮 FREE NORMAL POSTAGE 📮MASS mailing: every Weds/Thurs (whenever am available) * kindly wait patiently once ive mailed out latest by end of Thurs insya allah. ❌ NOT responsible for any loss, missing, damage, delay etc or wrong address given once item mail out. ☝🏻 Kindly purchase if you are comfortable & able to wait. ☝🏻 SERIOUS BUYER 👉🏻 PM if keen/inquiries. 🌿 Barakallahu feekum 🌿 #FurqaanSG #bidarabyfurqaansg #bidaraseeds #bidara

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great buyer! quick & pleasant tysm:)