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Free NUTRAFIN Basix 40g Floating Turtle







Free NUTRAFIN Basix 40g Floating Turtle DOPHIN GUPPY SUNSUN & EXO TERRA TURTLE TANK WITH COVER from $7 Plastic tank for turtle and small animals. Decorating your home has never been easier with hundreds of thousands of images to choose from. Search our collection to find exactly what your heart desires. Make beautiful place for turtle and small animals. The tank topper will be your pet's new favourite hangout. Jurassic style topper provides your turtle with a healthier, more spacious aquatic environment while giving you a new way to interact with them. It is made from durable plastic and is very easy to clean. Also includes a hanging platform that sits below the water line for turtles that enjoy being partially submerged while resting. The docking ramp creates an effortless climb to the upper level where they can bask under a heat lamp (not included) or eat. The central easy-open grill allows heat to pass through while giving you easy access to your pet. Within minutes of installing this above tank platform you will notice your turtles gravitating towards it. Features - Plastic tank for turtle and small animals

8 months ago In Fish Food


Custom Courier

Sa · S$30

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2019 Nov

Very Honest seller. Very knowledgeable and a person with integrity. The shop has lots a stuff very reasonably priced. Lots a fishes but u gotta know where to look.. Over all Great experience