{FREE POSTAGE}CRYNX Ascend Spray *Product of Italy* Allows your face to lift almost instantly in 1 Minute!!


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CRYNX Ascend Spray *Product of Italy* Allows your face to lift almost instantly in 1 Minute!!! Q-Price :$69.90, now $56 only😱 Witness the power of Crynx Ascend spray and experience supernatural face lifting only within 1 # minutes!! HELP TO REDUCE: 🗯pigmentation  🗯eye bags  🗯double Chin  🗯baby fat 🗯Wrinkles  🗯puffy face Promotes: 💎Brighter and radiant skin 💎V Lift almost instantly  💎Facial Skin moisture LIFT ! FIRM! PROVIDE SKIN METABOLISM! 🌸【How to Use】🌸 1. Clean your face. 2. Spray evenly on half of your face to compare each side of your face. 3. Do not pat or massage your face. Let the mist dry naturally and absord to your skin. 4. Once it dried out, you can observe and compare the difference between two side of your face (spray and non-spray side). 5. The lifted parts to observe on your face: cheeks, eyebags, nasolabial folds, finelines, Marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth) 6. Spray the other side of your face. Crynx V Spray ❤ 唯一一款独一无二 "绝不是暂时性” 的1分钟的·V Spray 还在为肉肉脸,痘痘,暗淡无光泽,双下巴,眼袋所困扰吗?只需一分钟喷完后明显线条轮廓,收紧提升肌肤,塑造紧致小V脸,还能让肌肤细腻光滑~ 很多人用过一次就爱上,对于有肉肉脸,双下巴,眼袋,法令纹,皱纹,粗糙,松驰等问题肌肤,而且还能抗氧化延缓衰老,分解黑色素,美肤美白,收缩毛孔,提亮肤色加上10倍保湿功效 ❤只需一分钟塑造紧致小V脸神器 ✔90%的人用了都说有效,只需一分钟就看到效果 ✔很多人用过一次就爱上,对于有肉肉脸,双下巴,眼袋,法令纹,皱纹,粗糙,松驰等问题肌肤,而且还能抗氧化延缓衰老,分解黑色素,美肤美白,收缩毛孔,提亮肤色加上10倍保湿功效:-) ✔你能够想象长期使用V spray喷雾的皮肤吗? ✔你想自拍时脸是最小,肌肤最透亮的美人吗? 能在一分钟内紧致提拉的主要成份 📍非洲吊灯果果提取物:具有良好的紧实肌肤作用,并且有抗炎,抗敏感和氧化作用 📍六胜肽:减缓脸部多鱼尾纹,法令纹等动态纹效果最好 📍二胜肽:使脸部肌肉放松,达到平抚动态纹,静态纹以及细纹的功效 📍西瓜水果酵素萃取物:含有维他命C和阝胡萝卜素,具有保湿美白、抗敏感作用 📍葛根萃取物:天然的汉方草本精华,富有蛋白质、氨基酸、糖、葛根素,钙等微量元素,具有良好的美白功效 🎉本公司在31/3荣获国际至尊品牌奖2017 产品特点: 只需一分钟喷完后明显线条轮廓,收紧提升肌肤,塑造紧致小V脸,还能让肌肤细腻光滑~ We are selling 100% authentic product.  Stock are ready in Singapore!! 我们家卖的产品绝对是正品。现货在新加坡哦! [Product Description] Exposure to the sun causes damage to our skin that can lead to premature skin aging, wrinkling, and pigmentation. Crynx Fruit Sunscreen is a product from Italy that contains moisturizing, non-greasy formula with SPF 30 that guard against adequate sun damage and premature ageing by creating a protective veil against harmful UVA and UVB rays. With no solid particles, it instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving your skin protected with ease!   [Benefits] 🌸 Sunscreen against harmful UVA and UVB rays 🌸With SPF 30 🌸Moisturize the skin 🌸Act as skin tone concealer  

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