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Mix & Match of your choice! ANY 1 for $2.40 ANY 5 for $10 ANY 10 for $18 Nourish + revive skin with this refreshing facial sheet mask from It's Skin. Individual mask with revitalizing properties that will target issues for softer, smoother skin + an even, healthy complexion. Cleanse + dry face thoroughly, apply mask, let sit for 15-20 minutes and then peel off gently for results you'll love. - Avocado: Revitalize worn out skin with a high-nutrition pick-me-up - Blueberry: Moisturizes + renews thirsty, tired skin - Carrot: Brighten dull skin + dark spots - Honey: Improve elasticity for firmness + get a radiant glow - Rose: Enhances vitality + moisture for a luminous complexion - Bamboo: moisturizes dry skin for more radiance + nourishes irritated skin to restore vitality - Pomegranate: delivers natural glow and vitality to dull skin - Tea Tree: balances Skin’s Moisture level with a feeling of refreshment - Olive: Nutrition & Firming, Increases elasticity and offers moisture to dry skin - Aloe: Moisture & Calming, Soothes sensitive skin and gives nutrients with lots of vitamin E, C and mineral

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