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FRONT 12Inch Untagged High Speed Motor


Blk 140 Jln Bukit Merah





CAN FIT ON STOCK FORKS. *PREORDER LISTING* *Preorder listing* *Made to order* Waiting period : 10-12 days A deposit of 50% will be made upon confirmation and it will be NON-refundable when order is made. *Installation is NOT included . However , I can guide you on how to install if needed. Free Load speeds PIC PROVEN 52v:120kmlh 60v:140kmlh Both single phase and dual phase are available . Pricing remains the same. 1500W-$260 1800W-$270 2500W-$285 FAT MAGNETS AND STATOR: ***If you are using stock fork u have to PRY it to be wider. 2800W-$370 3200W-$380 3500W-$390 4500W-$410 ***FAQ*** *WHY is there no voltage rating? To answer this , I do not include the voltage ratings as I don't believe there IS a voltage rating. If you think you know better . then don't buy . Don't come talk to me like you know it all. You can use a 48v on a '60v' rated motor , it will still perform efficiently if your controller has enough AMPS. '60v' 3200w , you take 48v with 68amps , it will STILL produce 3264w so the motor will still be happy . "BUT MY MOTOR BURN LEH?" Motors are strong , but they are not invulnerable. AMPS kill motors faster as the wires have to take alot of current which is why people change out to thicker wires , and the magnets will heat up more. You want to go fast , use a higher voltage and lesser amps for lesser stress on the motor. These 10'' 11'' 12'' magnets are only that big. They are not ebike full hub size where it can take ALOT of amps. So you put 120v 100v 100amps on a motor and you keep whack, you expect it not to burn meh? Common sense la pls. I've put 52v 100amps on a 36v 250w motor and it still didn't heat up very badly. HOWEVER , if you are dumb enough to power a 3200w motor with just 25a or 40a which is NOT enough wattage for the motor , obviously the motor AND controller will heatup drastically and eventually die. So pls don't waste my time asking me this and that , then tell me you want power with a stock small controller. GET THE WATTAGE RATED THAT IS WITHIN YOUR MEANS. V x A = W . Simple as that . And pls. Common sense. a 48v will NOT achieve the same speed as a 60v . Don't even try to argue saying , YOU PUT ENOUGH AMPS CAN ALR WHAT YOU SAY . If you don't have at least this bit of common sense , pls don't bother me. Know what you're buying . *Pls stop asking me if it will be faster then stock motors. It will definitely be better then a STOCK motor. I dont have the resources to try with every single scooter. Results are proven and they speak for themselves. *What is Dual Phase? Both side got wires , to double the size of the wire instead of spending more money to change out to thicker wire. NOT SO THAT YOU CAN POWER ONE MOTOR WITH 2 CONTROLLERS. IT WILL NOT WORK. *What is untagged? There are NO LABELS on the motor. BUT you can put any label you want. Comes with hall sensor wires. Untagged high speed 12 inch motor for dyu/AM/Fiido Dual Motor Fiido Dyu Am

5 months ago In Parts & Accessories

Listed by jayyy.t

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2019 Oct

friendly and prompt buyer! smooth transaction!! enjoy your concert!! 😊