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Fujiyama UV and polarizing filter Kit for compact camera (made in Japan)


4 years ago by clivehong






Filter kit includes: - UV filter - polarizing filter - adaptor tube with cover (allow to fit any 52mm lens) - come with casing - fit to any 52mm compact camera - No scratches. Filter in perfectly condition - initially bought for my Panasonic LX5 - items were previously ordered from Hong Kong - Good quality (Fujiyama - made in Japan) UV filter -protects your camera lens from scratches, dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints - reducing unwanted ultra-violet light. Cameras are more sensitive to ultraviolet light than our eyes are. A blue haze may appear in pictures taken when there is excessive UV light. A UV filter can reduce atmospheric haze when it is caused by blue radiation and ultraviolet. Since our eyes cannot see this part of the spectrum, UV filters are recommended for all outdoor shooting. Polarizing filter -protects your camera lens from scratches, dust, dirt, moisture and fingerprints -The polarizing filter is one of the most commonly used camera filters. And there is good reason: it enhances photos in many ways. -polarizer will reduce or eliminate glare from reflective surfaces such as glass and water. It can also deepen the color of skies. Overall color saturation, especially outdoors, can significantly improve.

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slana4997Table leg is rusty and shaky. Glass at the edge more
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