Full Energy 18650 Battery - Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries Flat Top 2000mAh / 2600mAh 3.7V Power Cell Bank for Flashlight LED Light Micro Phone Karaoke Mic Bike Bicycle Electric Scooter Toy High Drain Device / can fit Charger Adapter


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◇Brand new and Ready stock ◇Full Energy 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ★Features: ◇No Memory Effect, Can be Recharged up to 1000 Times When Fully or Partially Drained, improved Low Self Discharge Makes it Still Maintain 75% of Capacity after 1 Year of Non-use after fully charged. ◇Batteries Come Pre-Charged and Can be Used Immediately out of The Package. ◇SAFETY WARNING: Do not leave rechargeable batteries placed inside chargers for extended periods of time to prevent damage. Remove the batteries and unplug the charger once batteries are charged. ◆Color: Blue ◆Type: 18650 Rechargeable ◆Package: 1 pc in plastic ◇pm seller for more detailed pictures : ) ◆Price: 2000mAh Battery - $4.9 2200mAh Battery - $5.5 2600mAh Battery - $6.5 Single Battery Charger (picture 3) - $7.9 Double Battery Charger (picture 4) - $9.9 ◇Options of Delivery: ① Self Collection: Near Buangkok MRT (not at MRT) ② Singpost Normal Mail to your mailbox +$1 (no tracking). ③ Singpost Registered Mail to your doorstep +$5 (tracked).

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