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***SPECIAL PROMOTION: BUY 1 BOTTLE OF ENGINE OIL, GET 2 BOTTLES (500-ML) OF FUKUOKA LONG-LIFE COOLANT(GREEN) FREE!!!*** Engine Oil Brand: Fukuoka Thailand Packaging: 4-Litre Bottle / 5-Litre Bottle - Advanced Fully/Semi-Synthetic formula - Exceptional engine wear protection and heat tolerance - Excellent cold-start performance and shear stability - Improved fuel economy results in cost savings - Reduced carbon and black sludge creation Petrol Engine Oil: 10W-40 Semi synthetic (4L) - $28 5W-30 Fully synthetic (4L) - $38 0W-20 Fully synthetic (4L) - $45 Diesel Engine Oil: 15W-40 Fully synthetic (5L) - $39 20W-50 Semi synthetic (4L) - $33 Special Promotion is valid for Cash & Carry only. We also offer workshop servicing option (multiple locations, by appointment only). Payment Terms: Cash only. For enquiries, please pm or call me at +65 8200 4155.

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