Fundamental Beliefs Of A Muslim by Sh. Sāleh Ibn Fawzān Ibn Abdullāh al-Fawzān


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These are a few short words in clarification of the belief of Ahlal-Sunnah wa al-Jamā'ah. It was necessary to write them due to the separation and differing that the Islamic nation lives through today , which is represented by the abundance of contemporary sects and different groups. Every one of them calls to their own creed and praises his (own) group , until the ignorant Muslim is confused as to whom he should follow and who he should imitate. Therefore , at this point it is binding upon us to become acquainted with this blessed group that represents the true Islām - may Allāh make us from them. So that those who want to learn about the correct Islām can learn about it and so that they can become acquainted with its people , which will allow them to take them as an example and traverse in their footsteps. This will also allow those who want to embrace Islām from the disbelievers to attach themselves to this group.