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Assalaamu'alaikum Many years ago during Ramadan, my father met with Imam Abdullah Anyoup to help raise funds for the repair of his masjid in China. Unfortunately, sales were slow and to cut a long story short, my dad bought over his balance stock before he returned to China. It has been in storage till recently. The masterpieces are original and bear his name and seal. This is not a digital printout. The dimensions in cm are in the pics. If you are ready to deal, kindly whatsapp my dad at 90224036. About the Master Calligrapher: Imam Abdullah Anyoup Li Jianzhou was born in 1965. Apart from his native Mandarin, Imam Abdullah Anyoup also writes and speak fluent Arabic. His insatiable passion for the Arabic language and art led him to study Islamic Calligraphy in the late seventies. More than two decades later, his works have gained recognition and are being displayed in the Brunei Royal Museum and in His Majesty, The Sultan of Brunei’s personal collection. His international solo exhibitions include countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the United States of America. His works have also gained a fan in the Chinese President Jiang Zemin. Currently he is the Imam of Zhuxianzhen mosque in Kaifeng, China his birthplace. Abdullah Anyoup is also the Permanent Director for The National Writing and Painting Institute, Zhengzhou, China. He also sits on the board of the Kaifeng Muslim Association as their Vice-President.

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