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GARDENING - Healthy Tomatoes Family Seeds For Sale


7 months ago by juz.carouseling






You can eat them as snack as well as part of a dish - appetiser, salad, soup, fried, stew, grill, stuff, juice, blend etc. Your options are endless ! Why not have a tomatoes galore party sometimes ? I am sure all these different color can make a great difference to and in the dishes. There are tons of recipes in internet for these tomatoes, you can google them. In any case, no matter how you use these tomatoes, they will provide lots of vitamins and minerals to our bodies. You can read more information about tomatoes in this link - This group of tomatoes is uncommon and usually more expensive (if found) in our supermarket. - Black Pearl (Rare) - Greek (Organic & Non-GMO) - Ice White (Heirlooms & Non-GMO) - Yellow Pear (Organic) I will be selling this group of seeds together, so you don't have to buy so many extra just to grow them, especially for your own consumption. 20 🌱 $3.99 (5 seeds each types) 50 🌱 $8.80 (12-13 seeds each types) Please note - To save resource & time, there will be no separate packing for each types of seeds aka all seeds will be packed into same bags. This is not for fussy buyers. If you buy these seeds & want to learn how to grow our common tomatoes without buying seeds, do let me know. To get a better success rate with germination and easier transfer of seedling to a pot, do consider using peat pellet (search "peat pellet" in the search box of my listing) as seed starters. Pls clarify if any questions. Thank you for viewing!

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