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GARDENING - Pesticides-Free Baby Aloe Vera Plant For Sale


7 months ago by juz.carouseling






These are the pesticides-free Baby Aloe Vera plants I sold so far since 3 weeks back. Fun to see them grow from 3 fingers to 5 fingers to 7 fingers and more...Slowly and surely. No matter what, they are very useful plants to us humans. Aloe Vera is commonly used for medicinal purposes (sunburn, heal wounds/cuts/heal pimples etc) & we can find it in our desserts too ! In addition, it is a very common ingredient in our skincare, shower care, healthcare too ! Do you know they brighten skin, promote hair growth, smooth hair, relieve heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism pain & many more usages ? Useful yeah ? Aloe vera produces at least six natural antiseptics that are able to kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. It means it is likely to be able to be used as part of organic gardening. You just need to ask Mr. G for more ideas or do your own trial-&-error experiments. Who knows, you may be able to discover more usages of this plant ! You can read more about this plant in this link - or It is a drought-resistant (💡save water) plant, so if you are slightly forgetful about watering your plants daily, it is forgiving. It is in the same class as succulent, hence it can be grown indoor or outdoor and for decorative purposes, like the pic. Cute, isn't it ? 😉 I am selling these pesticide free aloe vera plants, price starting from $3 (without pot & medium of growth) upwards. Different types of pots (terracotta, glass, plastic) and organic MOG are available for separate purchases. Please let me know what size you are interested in and we can proceed from there. Kindly clarify if any questions. Thanks for viewing !

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ashleybabyGreat seller to deal with! Juz is patient and more
2 days ago
readulteryBought so many different gardening things from more
5 days ago
msyuenlyTopping up my stock for compost. Wonderful more
1 week ago
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