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GARDENING - Plectranthus Hadiensis var. Tomentosus (碰碰香; 到手香;一抹香;绒毛香茶菜) Cutting For Sale


8 months ago by juz.carouseling






As with the Chinese name - 碰碰香, it will give out a nice refreshing scent when you run your hand across the leaves. It can tolerate less sunny place, but it does enjoy sunlight if that is not a constraint. Very easy to take care and enjoy ! Nice to have a few pots around to scent up your place naturally. Although this plant is considered as succulent, but it is also considered a medicinal herbal plant in some part of the world. If leaves are blended with raw honey, it can used to relieve sore throat. Leaves can be boiled as tea to relieve flatulence and cold. If you pound it and apply to wound, it will help to reduce anti-inflammatory swelling and maintenance of beautiful skin. If you can read Chinese, here are some information for you to understand more about this plant -碰碰香,碰碰香?adapt=1 or you can google them to find many materials on this plant. Price of cutting go by size, starting from $3.50/plant with root. MOG and pots can be purchased separately. Pls clarify if any questions. Thank you for viewing !

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Public Transport - Bus Stop#60161 - 2nd bus stop from Exit A of Boon Keng MRT Station (all buses will reach except Bus 140 will still reach but it will take a longer route), cycle 3 mins (along with the traffic) or walk 8 mins (650m only) Private Transport - Park Shelter near PO 328987 ⚠ Anytime after 1 pm as long as I am available. At least, 1 hour head-up required !  Pls confirm meet-up a day before ! ⚠ Pls be punctual !

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