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GARDENING/SHARING - Happy Seeds In An Organisation In Singapore - For Juz.Carouseling "Sharing Is Caring" Series


7 months ago by juz.carouseling








I had the privilege to supply some seeds - mostly vegetables - bok choy, Japanese cucumber, butterhead lettuce, spinach etc, and organic compost to an organisation in Singapore last year. The organisation initiated a "from-garden-to-table" program to create a self-sustainable way of supplying fresh produces to themselves. [Due to confidentiality, I will not elaborate further.] Buyer D came back and share these pics with us, so that we can all be encouraged in our own journey. Thank you very much for sharing and I look forward to more pics in the near future. [Remember to take more pics before you and your colleagues park them in your tummy ok ?] 😊 As for the rest of us, I hope these pics inspired you to start your own food garden journey. It is fun, healthy and self-sustaining and probably going to reduce your grocery bills (and maybe medical bills) in the long run. Just to add, I am very encouraged by return buyers, who wanted to try again when your first gardening project wasn't that successful for whatever reasons. I noticed many of you started to take it more seriously by doing more research online, asking more relevant questions, improvise ways to improve environment and growing conditions, where elements are lacking. Some of you even came back to share with me what you did, what u learn and how you plan to adjust. Thank you very much for sharing as well as taking another step forward (Yes, forward not backward because by giving it another chance as I am sure you can do better this time) ! Much appreciated ! Like the adage goes "Failure is the Mother of Success", gardening is a self-learning journey. When you are at it, keep learning and improve. Have faith & keep going, I am sure you will arrive at the destination someday and have a beautiful edible garden like Buyer D's organisation. 😊 All the best ! Happy gardening ! Thanks for reading !

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