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  • mikejoce

    My mulberries leaves kept turning brown by the edges n showing sign of dying. What should I do

  • juz.carouseling

    @mikejoce hi is hard to comment because I don't know what u used to grow, how u manage your plants etc... Not all symptoms have the same causes u will need to provide more details ... Thanks for your understanding on this matter !

GARDENING/SHARING - Medium Of Growth Is Very Important In Your Gardening Exercise - For Juz.Carouseling "Sharing Is Caring" Series


10 months ago by juz.carouseling








After the last time I harvested the fruits from my mulberry plant, I have decided to do a repot as it was time to do so. That was some time in early September 2016 - couldn't recall the exact date. The plant did throw some tantrums and decided to drop all its leaves. After a week or two, I saw the first set of fresh beautiful leaves on 21 Sept and took a pic, 2 days later I decided to take another pic as the leaves were adding, of course I went on to take 2 more pics of the same plant. As you can see, the plant has become more bushy and the leaves are healthy and green. Did you even notice there was a missing branch ? Yes, I sold a branch of mulberry cutting to a buyer that was about to fruit last week (beginning of Nov). Today, I saw my first fruit (pic#2) on the plant too. I am sure soon I will be able to harvest and add them into my salad ! Yummy ! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Medium of growth is very important to give a steady growth to your plants and helps to protect plants. We need to be very picky about what we use, especially for our edibles. In our journey of quest of good health through growing our own food, we need to be very vigilant. If we do it right the first time, it will save lots of troubles going forward. Happy gardening ! Thanks for reading !

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