GCX Investment Program (Last 2 Days For May's Intake)


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(START OF MAY CYCLE RECRUITMENT) Start 2017 with a bang with proper financial planning and leverage your wealth to achieve your financial goals! 🔥 I am the co-director of Global Capitox. A firm aiming to simplify the concept of investment and make it available to people from all backgrounds. ♠️Earn 3% to 8% stable returns from your invested funds every month ♥️Start as Low as 100USD with no lockdown of invested funds, withdraw anytime you like ♣️Hands-free investment plan that provides you a consistent stream of passive income monthly ♦️Risk is kept to a minimum with our system of risk diversification through the spreading of funds into 8 professional Traders The earlier you start investment, the higher your advantage due to the ability to compound your earnings. Treat it as a saving plan on steroid or your additional stream of passive income, it will help you to achieve your financial goals much more quickly and efficiently. ------------------------------------------ ✅Let me paint the picture for you: Let's take it that Global Capitox averages 5% returns for you every month and you re-invest the 5% earned every month, starting with $1000 as your capital: After 1 year: $1,796 After 5 years: $18,679 After 10 years: $348,912 After 15 years: $6,517,392 ------------------------------------------ Leave all the trading and hard work to us while you engage in your daily work and studies, and wait for profits to roll in every month. Stop worrying about having to take signals, watch over trading robots or invest in high risk Ponzi and MLM schemes. Investment is all about sustainability, consistency and stable growths. Do not ever jump into investment with the idea of earning big overnight, you will burn yourself. It takes patience and commitment, but it pays off really well. Here is the link to view our website: GlobalCapitox.com (NOTE: VIEW IT ON DESKTOP FOR MORE INFORMATION) #forexlifestyle #forextrading #money #rich #easy #summer #brexit #passive #passiveincome #invest #qspeaceout #signal #investment #income #binary option #options #forex

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