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Condition: this is new unused spare unit. The Geovision GV-600-8 8-Channels Surveillance DVR card features 8 channels of video recording in addition to 4 channels of audio recording. The GV-600-8 offers recording of up to 15 fps (1.875 fps per channel) in full D1 resolution and up to 30 fps (3.75 per channel) in CIF resolution using the highly efficient H.264 software compression. This card comes complete with a CD copy of the latest Geovision surveillance software and a user manual for ease of installation. This card is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. Geovision cards can be stacked up to 2 cards for a total of 32 channels. The GV-600-8 can also work in conjunction with Geovision's IP camera software, allowing the user to use both CCTV cameras and IP cameras (Up to 32 channels total). The Geovision DVR cards are remotely accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. CCTV Camera Pros builds custom PCs using Geovision DVR cards, IP camera software or both to create a hybrid surveillance system. We can build these Geovision DVR / NVRs using standard desktop cases or 4U rack mount servers. Geovision GV-600-8 DVR Card Features 8 Video Inputs 4 Audio Inputs 30 Frames Per Second (3.75 per channel) in CIF Resolution 15 Frames Per Second (1.875 per channel) in D1 Resolution Remotely Accessible Via iPhone, iPad, Android and PC Includes the Latest Geovision Software Video and Audio Dongle(s) Included Geovision GV-Series Surveillance DVR Software Features All of the Geovision DVR cards feature Geovisions GV-Series surveillance software. The GV-Series software supports up to 32 channels in DVR / NVR, Hybrid IP and CMS applications. In addition to supporting 32 channels of video, the GV-Series surveillance software also audio recording as well. Some of the features include advanced motion detection, video loss detection, object counting and privacy masks. It can also be programmed to send email notifications when the motion or alarm features are triggered. Remote viewing and configuration is possible through Windows PCs, iPhone and Android mobile phones. Users can also view on a Mac PC. The GV-Series software also enables the user to remotely back up captured video from a PC. For screenshots and demonstrations of the Geovision GV-Series surveillance software please refer to the image gallery below. GV-600 Card x 1 1-16 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type Cable x 1 / 1-8 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type Cable x 1 / 1-4 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type Cable x 1 Hardware Watchdog Jumper Wire x 1 Software DVD x 1 Note: The 1-16 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type cable is supplied with GV-600B card with 16 video inputs, the 1-8 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type cable is supplied with GV-600B card with 8 video inputs, while the 1-4 Cams with 4-Port Audio DVI-Type cable is supplied with GV-600B card with 4 video inputs. Geovision GV-600-8 8-Channel PCI Express DVR Card Specifications 8 Camera Video Inputs 1 Audio Input 640 x 480 resolution recording at 25 fps (PAL) and 30 fps (NTSC) 80GB built-in storage capacity Supports Full D1, Half D1 and CIF video resolutions Supports GV-DSP, GV-A16 and GV-NET/IO card Supports multiple video compressions including MPEG4 and H.264 Windows 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit Support (XP, Vista, 7, Server 08) Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz Recommended Recommended RAM: 2 x 512 MB (for XP) and 2 x 1 GB (for Vista/7/Server 08) Type: Others Brand: Geovision

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