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Hi! Welcome to AF Group. We specialist in Car fleet to more than 25 companies in singapore. We cater vehicle which meet your weekly budget! For those who want to find car rental. Can join this link. Hi all! Click on the link if u want to be join in the whatsapp group. It's a groupchat of handle by Drivers for Drivers only. We keep it clean and only drivers are allowed in. Only our Car Fleet Specialists are inside to value add the drivers. We share daily updates of car rental prices for New, Used, Exec and Premium car models from only reliable car rental companies. Uber and Grab. Uber Platinum Partners Grab Exclusive Rental Partner It's FREE. It's has proven to help many drivers find their preferred car. U are welcome to mute it. See u inside my friend. 😊😊😊 House Rule: ONLY UGM members are allow to post car rental lobang. *No External Marketing of car and ads are allowed* *P.S. Dear vendors, you are welcomed to PM the Admin should you want a collaboration with us.* *We are open to Oppurtunities as much as you too.* Thank you and may all of us get our preferred dream car. Do spread the love to your friends. #UberGrabMentor #AFGroup

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